NMYAFL is very excited to announce that we will have an All Star program  again this year! The Head Football Coaches from each division will nominate players from their divisions for All Stars. After the closing of nominations the head coach shall submit a voting ballot. The nomination process will begin on August 26th and the nomination window will close on September 13th. The voting window will open on September 14th and will close on September 24th.  The voting results  will be announced the first week of October. 26 total players from each conference, in each division, will be selected. The All Star finalists from the Mighty Mite and Pee Wee divisions will receive a certificate in honor of making the All Star team. All other divisions will play an All Star game, East vs West, at the end of the season. All five of those games will be held on the same day. Your head coach will be able to answer any questions you may have as they have been given more detailed information. 

On August 18th, we will open the website process to nominations. The website will allow nominations by head coaches through Week 5 of the regular season.  The nomination window will officially close on Sept 14th.  After the nomination window has closed each head coach will have ten days to cast their ballots for any nominated player (except players on their own roster).  During the ten day voting period you will have two weekend opportunities to observe players you wish to consider prior to your vote.  

Head coaches log into your NMYAFL account and look for the "All Star" tile in the Coaches Corner.  Starting on August 18th you may nominate four linemen and four specialty position players  (receiver, quarterback, running back). Nominating your players is the first step in the All-star process.  The window for submitting your nominations will be open from August 18th until 5:00 PM on September 14th.  Head Coaches will be able to view a list of all players nominated.  Only the Head Coach from each team will allowed to vote for eight (8) players from their respective divisions (4-lineman, 4-specialty positions). Head Coaches cannot vote for any of their own players. Head coaches may vote anytime after September 14th and before 5:00 PM on September 24th. Cast your votes on the NMYAFL website under the "All Star" tile in Coaches Corner.  

At the Monthly Coaches meeting, the first week of October, we announce our final All Star vote. 26 players from each conference, for each division will make the All Star team. So a total of 52 players from each division will be selected.    

The All Stars finalists for the Mighty Mite and Pee Wee divisions will receive a certificate in honor of making the All Stars. All other divisions will play an East conference vs West conference game.  All five (5) All Star games will be played on the same day, which will be the Sunday after all of the Super bowls are completed (tentatively the last Sunday of October or First weekend in November). 

Contact Antonio Manning for any questions regarding the All Star process, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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