NMYAFL is very excited to announce that we will have an All Star program again this year! All-Star Players will be selected for the Freshman (10U), Sophomore (11U), Junior (12U) and Varsity (!4U) Divisions. Easch Division will be split into East and West All-Star Teams.  The Head Football Coaches from each division will nominate players from their divisions for All Stars at the Annual Coach All-Star Meeting. The All-Star Head Coaches and Players are selected by a process developed by the All-Star Committee. The All-Star Game will be held the first Sunday following the NMYAFL Fall Championships. 

All-Star Game Times at Community Stadium

The West All-Stars are the Home Team for all 2021 Allstars

Freshman (10U)  - 10:30am Kick Off

Mighty Mite (7U) All-Star Recognition half-time of Freshman (10U) Game

Sophomore (11U) - 1:00pm Kick Off

Pee Wee (8U) All-Star Recognition half-time of Sophomore (11U) Game

Junior (12U) - 3:30pm Kick Off

Rookie (9U) All-Star Recognition half-time of Junior (12U) Game

Varsity (14U) - 6:00pm Kick Off

The selection process for choosing the All-Star Team Head Coaches and selected Players is as follows:

The teams in the Freshman (10U) through Varsity (14U) age groups are divided into East and West by current seeding and other factors.

Each Head Coach from each team is invited to the All-Star Selection meeting

The Head Coach for the East and West All-Star teams from each age group were chosen by the other head coaches in their group.

Each NMYAFL head coach can recommend players from any team in their group to help complete the All-Star Roster for their age group.

The All-Star Head Coaches and Selected All-Star Players will be announced after the first playoff weekend.

For additional information regarding the All-Star program, please email the All-Star Chirman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.