Spring and Fall Cheer

Fall Cheer Program at a Glance

  • Registration fee includes the uniform top, bottoms, bloomers and poms
  • Cheerleaders ages 7 - 14 (League age is child’s age on July 31st of current year).
  • Junior Cheerleaders ages 5 and 6 (League age is child’s age on July 31st of current year).
  • Junior Cheerleaders are not allowed to stunt or participate in Cheer-fest competition. There is a separate Junior Cheer routine that is performed during the Cheer-Fest Competition.
  • Teams are divided by high school district.
  • The season consist of sideline game-day cheer and two cheer competition(s).
  • Upon team consolidation or if teams are full, your cheerleader may be moved to teams that have available space.
  • Cheer program dates are; Spring Cheer February 15th to April 18th and Fall mid-July-October.
  • Fall Practices are 5 days a week the first 2 weeks, then they are reduced to 3 or 4 days a week. Practice times are determined by coach but are usually in the early evening.
  • Spring Cheer has 6 regular season games and Fall Cheer has 8 Regular season games with the possibility of playoff game(s)


Why Cheer in NMYAC?

The New Mexico Young America Football and Cheer League is the oldest and most respected youth football and cheer organization in the state of New Mexico. Nearly 53 years ago, NMYAFL was organized to teach the youth of our communities the sport of football and cheer. Since that time, the organization has grown from just a few areas to many districts across the Albuquerque Metro area. Cheer began in 1967 and since then has grown into one of the biggest recreational cheer programs in the Metro area.

One simple rule has always governed the organization and allowed it to grow. We are about the kids. We offer a program for all level of cheer. We are not perfect, but continuously strive to keep the well being of our kids as our main focus. We understand that the longevity and success of our youth cheerleading organization depends on the positive experience of the cheerleaders and the parents in our community.

Why should my child cheer for New Mexico Young America Cheer?

  • NMYAC offers sideline cheer in which your cheerleader will get the experience of what it’s like to cheer at football games and what it’s like to get the crowd engaged into the game as well as compete in 2 cheer competitions.
  • Cheerleaders will learn all fundamentals of cheer such as motion technique, jumps, tumbling, stunting, cheers and dance.
  • All of our coaches are required to attend monthly meetings, and a yearly cheer coaches clinic for training purposes.
  • National, State and Local background checks for all cheerleader contact volunteers. This includes all coaches, and team administration including managers and moms.
  • Our practice and game facilities are locally sourced to your area. While games will be held at many locations throughout the Albuquerque metro area.
  • Cheer Competitions are held at Local High School Gymnasiums! Football Championships are held at Local High School Stadiums, which allows your cheerleader the experience to cheer on turf in the stadium just like the high school cheer teams.
  • Practices are held at convenient times for your cheerleader to attend. The majority of games they cheer at are on Saturdays. Cheer Competitions are held on Sundays, one in August and one in September.
  • NMYAC has many returning cheerleaders. Our teams promote Good Sportsmanship, Teamwork, and Self Respect, along with Respect of others.
  • NMYAC teams are all volunteers. Parents need not fear a huge commitment of volunteer time, unless they choose to. You may be asked to help out on occasion to help with fundraisers or help with refreshments.
  • NMYAC parents and cheerleaders are not required to fundraise large amounts of money. Parents may choose to help the team fundraisers for items for the cheerleaders or and end of season banquets. Coaches will not "require" cheerleaders to take personal lessons with them or to attend expensive camps or other team activities. Cheerleaders are welcomed and even encouraged to attend local camps in their area, but it is never mandatory.
  • NMYAC areas are associated with their local high school. The league is structured around the current metro area high school district maps. Check with your local area school for the school district boundaries. Many high school cheer programs offer local cheer camps and other fun activities to familiarize the cheerleaders with the sport as well as to introduce them to their great schools.

NMYAC has teams in areas ranging from the as far north as Bernalillo, east as Moriarty, south as Belen, and west as Grants. This makes for fun traveling to play your games similar to high school.

There are a lot of programs to choose from. We hope you will see why we are the best in the Albuquerque area and choose to place your child in one of our districts and to become a part of the best organization in the state!

General Cheer FAQ's